You shall see Bilun’s latest painting in the exhibition or the catalogue. am luckier in that because I am the sole person to have observed the rigins of both the paintings and the artist. I have witnessed every phase f her work, her toil, her joy and her grief. It will help to say the last word first: Bilun’s work is expressionistic. his perspective has not been chosen. Presenting themes passionately nd laying them on thick are natural traits of hers. If you consider her ack of guile and her child-like candor before the canvas, you will see that h er work is congruous with her character. I am unable to define the joy I have seen her experience when she ould encounter works by the great expressionist masters. She would be lated as if she had found some long-lost relative. She herself crossed ver the impressionist technique to the massive paint handling of the xpressionist and arrived at where she stands today. She is low-key in her selection of theme. Some corner of the studio, xteriors and interiors, or depictions of the human visage, all are eflected on the canvas without the guidance of any systematic method. n the early days Bilun used to advocate every shade of color, nowadays he has reduced the use of color to a bare minimum, producing works of ractically varying tones of a single hue. I think this approach has eased er towards a more original style.

Yusuf Taktak

Bilun has stalked the painting for some time, sleeping and waking ith it, so to speak. In the sense that her sole interest is her work, she isa true professional. On the other hand, she is a true amateur, in that she oves her work. She is without boundaries, in terms of theme, color, and articulation. hat I mean is that as there is obsession with theme, she paints anything er heart desires, be it some clutter, an old forgotten toy in some corner, r a cauldron and a ladle, a chair, or some flowers and fruit. Some other ay she has rendered on the canvas vast oceans and skies undulating ith birds. And always with a distinctive and original approach to omposition. And her usage of color, from hot yellows and reds to the oolness of oceans. And on some days she worked with tiny brush marks, while on others he rendered the entire wealth of her palette on the canvas. In short, free of all boundaries and convention. So this is Bilun: Caught by the desire to be only herself and always involved with her painting.

Abdülkadir GÜNYAZ
Art Critic

In the formation of a work of art, besides the artist’s search for the organization that suits him, and particularly in certain artists’ work, some plastic elements, as if consciously, seem to find their places in the first attempt without having to wait to share in the work’s common harmony. These dynamic and rhythmic original works by Bilun that compel the viewer to thoughts of the traditional-contemporary dichotomy, represent this twin method. The artist knows how to build a sensitive world with her poetic treatment and her soft, lithe and sometimes harsh forms.

M.S.Ü Prof. Painter

I have known her for years. A friend who paints with her color, her joy and her world. Her free flowing brushwork has carried her towards the affirmative always. The “Kites” exhibition is a turning point in her career; a poised and significant assertion.


BILUN THE PAINTER, In 1992, when we started painting together with Bilun, I couldn’t have guessed how fast she would progress. She has attained the pinnacle she deserved, thanks to her superior talent and her passion and resolve. I have complete faith that her work will continue to grow. Congratulations, dear Bilun!

Serpil TAMUR
National Public Theater Actress